England has always had its place in my heart. Every time I go there, either it’s the exact same spot as the last time or not, I feel like I discover the area again and again. The architecture is gorgeous, you can find so many buildings, monuments, and even houses which are more than a century old. I feel like it’s what makes its charm. My favourite part in traveling in England is taking walks around towns, look at people, (it sounds creepy but I swear it’s not) nature and monuments.


I went several times in London, one time in Surrey, and once in Durham (and one time in Scotland, even if it’s not in England I thought I should mention it), but there’s a place I always wanted to go to and I finally did.


I don’t really know why I always have that urge to travel the UK, but I do, so in order to satisfy it, I went to Brighton last July. As I mentioned it above , I’ve always wanted to go there, I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to go in a host family in the USA during summer, but unfortunately those things are a bit too expensive, so I checked out host families in the UK and they gave me the choice between different locations such as London and other main England cities, including Brighton. I did my research, and although I didn’t go in a host family, I promised myself to go there as soon as I could.


My flat (it was absolutely wonderful) was located in Hove but it wasn’t very far from the centre, and it allowed me to visit this Brighton’s next door city, which I loved as much as the latter. I felt immediately at home, in the flat, but in the streets as well. I found my way easily and even though I took the bus twice I really enjoyed nice walks in residential, commercial street (the best ones are north right above the Lanes) and along the beach.

Brighton (when I say Brighton I’m thinking about Hove and Kemptown as well) is everything a city should be like in my eyes. Its population is filled with British people just the way they are, nobody judges, nobody stares, most of them smile, loads say hello and are very open to conversation with strangers (a kind of people which I think we’re a bit lacking of, here, in Paris). Music is so appreciated there. I bought a ukulele whilst I was there; I chose a random guitar store, went to the address , and realised that there was an entire sort of music district in Brighton, stuffed with music stores of any kind you would want. I also went in the coolest CD/Vinyl store ever; it’s called Resident and has loads of good stuff you’d want to listen to. There is so much colours. Just the way I love a city, bright and colourful. There’s buntings everywhere in the Lanes, flowers now and then in the streets, and my favourite part is, lined up houses and structures, all painted in pastel colours.

There’s a big LGBT community and everybody seems happy about it. It’s even on their Visit Brighton website, I mean, we need more city like so, once again, nobody judges, people are just the way they are, this is brilliant. Traditional food is delicious. But this goes without saying. If you ever go to Brighton this is the place to try Fish & Chips (which you can find honestly anywhere in the city but I would highly recommend Wolfies of Hove). Something else I tried at Bill’s and absolutely crave every day now that I am back in Paris is Halloumi (cheese) and Sweet Potato Fries. I also had one of the best breakfast ever at Redroaster.

Nature is so close to the city. You don’t need to drive a lot to get out of the city (as a matter of fact, you barely have to drive at all). Infinite lands and green fields. And the best way to see the most of it is Devil’s Dyke, there’s a nice walk to take around there.

That’s approximately everything that made me fall in love with Brighton/Hove, yet I would’ve wanted to see more (For instance, I didn’t have time to go to Stanmer park and see the beach huts in Hove). Every time I leave I wanna go back, and I can’t stop thinking of the next time I’ll go there , I would love to travel to Ireland , Wales as well and I’m craving to go back to Scotland. I’m not so sure about my next stop but it will probably be somewhere in Devon, so if you have any suggestions don’t be shy !


Hope you’re having the nicest day and you’re enjoying life at its fullest.



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