A stroll in Paris // 001


I’m Parisian. I was born in Paris, I live in Paris I went to school in Paris, I dance in Paris, basically, I do EVERYTHING in Paris when I’m not at home. Since I was born. And contrary to popular beliefs, I don’t like it. I don’t like the metro, I don’t like the snobbism of Parisian people, the vulgarity of others, (I feel like there is not loads of people with good balance), it’s always one way or a complete different other. So, no, this is not a cliché when people say that Parisians are rude. But don’t get me wrong not everybody is like that in Paris, no, you might be lucky enough to encounter some nice fellows . But I mean it’s my personal opinion. Loads of Parisians or even foreigners love Paris.

I don’t completely hate it though. I like some places in Paris. Montmartre, Le Sacré-Coeur or whatever you want to call it. I think it’s really ‘sweet’, and ‘calming’ which is quite ironic knowing that its location is one of the less calming place in the world (aka busy city). But if you ever come to Paris, and wanna have a walk somewhere cool, and calming (I have no idea why you would come to Paris if it’s to walk somewhere calming but yeah) I think Montmartre is Paris’s southing cream (yes I just said that), but that’s really how it feels like. So let me give you a walkthrough in one of the only place, in this city, I can go without feeling depressed, oppressed or in distress (why so dramatic?).

Starting at the metro Anvers , I usually walk up the street Rue de Steinkerque which is kind of a pedestrian street (with pavement on the floor, people walking and playing games in the middle of the ‘road’) except it’s not (Nice one Paris). The further you go in that street, the more you can see the Sacré-Coeur.


At the end of the street is ‘Place Saint-Pierre’. You can easly recognize it because there’s a carrousel there and just above, well, here it is, the Sacré-Coeur. I always loved Carrousels so much, it’s the cutest thing in the world and brings back so much Childhood memories…


Oh and here’s Lola (one of my best friend) taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me taking… oh wait . Sorry. I got lost.


ANYWAYYYYYS. Once we enjoyed the view, everything that’s there, and took way too many picture (seriously I took 1h to choose which ones I would put on here), we turned left in Rue Tardieu and then Rue Yvonne le Tac, and arrived Place des abesses. Past the carrousel (another one yay), there is a little park, square or whatever you want to call it, and here , there’s a wall called ‘The wall of love’ or ‘Le mur des Je t’aime’ (in french), with ‘I love you’ written in every single languages, I love it.. get it ? I love the wall of love. (nice one Naomi).

Forgot to mention I went there with my two lovely friend Yaz and Lola (cutest couple ever) and in the next picture you can imagine me third wheeling as f**k. You’re welcome.


As we continue our little walk, we take Rue La vieuville and then go left until facing a staircase on Rue Drevet (best tour guide ever I know). Once up the stairs we continue on the same street and (special gift for you all) it’s another staircase yay. And this one is waayyyy worst. Mark my words. BUUUUUT the view when arriving up there on Place du Calvaire is totally worth it! (I think I know why they named this place like so once I climbed the stairs : Calvaire in French means Struggle or to suffer haha).


If you go further after Place du Calvaire, you’ll arrive Place du Tertre, a famous little place with loads of restaurants and painters, selling their paintings or drawings of Paris (and some can even draw you if you ask them to). I usually don’t like accurate Paris clichés, but this one’s pretty good. I like it.



After savouring all of these beautiful colours, we finally went right next to the Sacré-Coeur and enjoyed the view.




And this, my friends, this is the kind of Paris I love. Calm and beautiful. Here you feel like so much is happening in what you see but you can only see the best of it, the only important part that’s actually worth seeing, just like nature. The sun is setting now and here we arrive at the end of this walk in Montmartre.


  1. Belle Papillon 24/7

    I feel sad that you feel that way about Paris. I have heard so many things about the French esp. The ones in Paris from my American friends who have traveled there … they’re not so nice things — esp. if you’re an American. They have experienced Parisian rudeness once too many that they feel that Paris is overrated and not worth going back to.
    You can imagine how guarded I was when we were in France. We were there for almost 2 weeks and we stayed in Paris for about a week. I have met the nicest, sweetest, kindest and most helpful people. I was overwhelmed. And BTW, they knew I was an American, I was told that my accent was a dead give away even when I made several attempts to murder the French language. I tried! It’s not that easy 😦
    They would ask me if I was American and I’d say “oui” and they’d still help me, even holding my hand and dragging me away from their unmanned stores just to point out where I should go coz we don’t understand each other. LoL
    So yeah, I love Paris! I’m in love with Paris. I would love to live in Paris even if it’s just for a month. It was love at first sight and I promised to visit at least every couple of years.

    I love love love your post. I’m going there with my daughter this year for her 21st birthday which is a big thing Stateside so I want it to be quite memorable. I would love to do this walk.Im looking forward to reading more posts from you.
    XoX ❤ BP

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    1. Naomichvln

      Remember at the beginning of the post I said that not everybody is like that in Paris, and it’s not just some of the people I don’t like there it’s just the general city, but as you may have understood whilst reading the post, they are some places that I quite like in this city, because it’s where I was born and I will still like it , but I’m just saying that I couldn’t spend my whole life there haha ! I had that same kinda ‘love at first sight’ thingy you had for Paris but for England ! I’m not saying Paris is an awful city, it’s just me, but every one’s opinion is different see ? As you said before some of your friends hated it but you did love it ! 🙂 that’s why I’m not saying ‘don’t go to Paris it’s lame’ but ‘Try it and make your own opinion about it’ ! 🙂 I’ll try to make more posts about places I like in Paris ! I’m glad you liked the post,and would love to here from you if you do this walk! Thank you for taking time to share your opinion about it, this is what I write for ! Have a nice day ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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