Florida 2015

I’ve been to Florida about a year and a half ago when I was 16 years old, but I still wanted to talk about this trip on this blog. It has been one of my favourite trip I have done in my entire life. It was the first time I was leaving Europe and going to USA, something I’ve dreamed about for years.We went there for 11 days , for a road trip from Miami, the southeast of florida to Naples in the southwest. We went to West palm beach, Hollywood, Boca Raton, Sarasota and Siesta key as well. So, I thought I could tell you a little bit more about this trip.

The Flight

We took the plane in Roissy-Charles de Gaulles in Paris.It was a 8h flight to JFK New York. 20150215_151929848_iosWhen we arrived in New York (since it was February) it was freezing cold, I even remember that it was actually snowing that day, and we had to go outside to go from a terminal to another which was not the best idea knowing that we were going to florida, so, we were wearing outfits that you wear, well, when you go to Florida… We took our flight from JFK to Miami international Airport and I remember that it was not really late there when we arrived (it was in the evening) but it was something around 5 or 6am in France , and we were narked.

Where we went


We stayed in Miami a day or so.We went to Ocean Drive , this massive street right in front of Miami beach, where you can find loads of colourful buildings (pink, blue…).               Miami Beach was nice, I liked it even tho it’s a really touristic place; you need to see it at least once  if you go there. For shopping we went to Lincoln road, a street known for being the most commercial one in Miami (American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Lulu Lemon…). Since my best friend with whom I went in Florida, used to go quite often there to do summer intensives at the Miami City Ballet School, she was able to take some ballet classes at the Miami City Ballet School so I got to assist to some ballet class there , which was pretty cool and interesting knowing that I am a dancer as well.                                      Even though Miami is a well-known and liked city , It was not the city I liked the most during this trip in a way that, except for Miami beach , Ocean drive and Lincoln road, all the other streets where kinda dirty, not really welcoming and a bit gloomy, there was a big contrast between the touristic places of the city and the rest of it.

The Everglades

One of my favourite activity we did there. Seeing alligators from that close and other rare birds was really interesting and cool.We even went on a airboat, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. It was like being in a movie or in a video game; the landscape around us didn’t look real at all and everything was SO beautiful. The man who drove our airboat brought us on a little kind of all wooden floor island in the everglades and he taught us how people used to live on there and other really interesting stories that would be too long to tell you here.

20150217_135029970_ios 20150217_135326996_ios

The East Coast of Florida20150218_233217664_ios

We drove along the east coast but didn’t do that much on this side (mostly shopping in huge malls). We went to Adventura Mall, the largest shopping mall in Florida, located near Hollywood, not far from Miami.We visited a little bit of Boca Raton and West Palm beach as well and then we crossed the state and arrived on the west coast of Florida.

20150218_211311217_ios 20150218_094132000_ios


I think we drove during all morning to cross the state. Maybe 2 or 3hours I don’t know.    As soon as we got there I realised that I liked that side of Florida much more hahaha.      We went to Siesta Key Beach and I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the beauty of it.      For those who don’t know, Siesta key Beach has one of the whitest sand in the world , made of 99% quartz, and I’m telling you that it can hurt your eyes a lot when going there without sunglasses during a sunny day (which is almost everyday there lol).



Of what I’ve seen of Florida, Naples was my favourite city.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset The people there were super nice, and it was FORMIDABLE. The houses there were… well … oh my … well let’s say that I reckon the people that live here have quite enough money to do what they want to do with their lives haha 

We went to the Naples pier as well; the water below us was sooo blue and transparent we wanted to dive in (we didn’t), the sky was so blue, the sand so white , it was just SOOOO beautiful!!

Overall, I really enjoyed the trip, it was pretty hot the whole time,and we got to bathe in hotels pools because the sea was a tiny bit too cold (February) but on the last day, we finally got to swim in the actual ocean back in Miami beach !!!! It was a really great day.


All I remember of when we took the plane back to Paris was that my friend and I were narked and that we ABSOLUTELY didn’t want to go back home…

Here is the footage of the trip on my youtube channel :

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