A day in London

I think London always’ve been one of my favourite city in the world. First of all, I love England. What I love the most about it are its landscapes, the people,  the language , the culture and the architecture. I’ve always been fascinated about England’s architecture, by the fact that everything is conserved and everywhere you go you find yourself years back, in the middle of village or even big cities, you walk around old houses with thatcher roofs, and even in London you can find buildings that have more then centuries for sure… Something that you can’t find in every countries these days unfortunately. So, me and my friend Jade were supposed to stay there for 24h (not really 24H but basically one day) but things didn’t work out as planned… which was maybe not such a bad thing in the end!

We mostly walked so we stayed in the west end of London. It was Jade’s first time there, so indeed I’ve shown her the top touristic places like the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square… And we also made some damage in the shopping area (cause when coming to London… I mean, who doesn’t ?)we went to oxford street, for Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Boots and I went for the first time around Carnaby Street and Kingly court which are very lovely areas of London where I admired the architecture once more (haha).

On our way there, we encountered a massive flower shop called “Liberty” on Great Marlborough Street which actually was a former shop that used to sell fabric with flower print (liberty fabric) and later became a shop selling not only flowers but luxury good as well.

As a little break we stopped in Green Park and grabbed a snack in the afternoon before walking towards Hyde Park, where we were delighted to find cute little squirrels.

For what’s food, we went to costa coffee which is a place that I love. It’s basically like Starbucks but half the price haha. So we each got a small hot chocolate (which was actually huge, don’t ever ask for a regular) that was served with marshmallows and whipped cream…with this I got a greek yoghourt and a British breakfast toastie (basically a toastie with not only cheese but also sausages, bacon, and eggs) and Jade got a regular cheese and ham one. IT WAS DELICIOUS. So since it was quite a lot, we didn’t have lunch and while having a snack in Green park I ate some of the cupcakes I had buy from Crumbs and Doilies earlier (one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted). Finally for our dinner we had some quite good takeaway Fish and chips from “Fish and chipper” near Leicester Square , we got each a regular cod and chips.


We really enjoyed that day and we were definitely knackered, after all of this, my legs, feet and shoulders (because of the so many bags I was carrying) were soaring, so that was cool in a way because we were so exhausted that we were actually excited to go back home…but here’s the thing ; after waiting an hour in the train they announced that our train (which was the last one that was going back to Paris that night) was cancelled… so yeah you might have already understood ; the company paid for us and extra night in a hotel in London!!!!

We jumped on the occasion and on the second day we went 1st to places we didn’t have time to go to the day before.

We started off with the Platform 9 3/4 Harry potter shop (yeah huge Harry Potter fan right there sorry) this shop is actually really cool, it’s the perfect place for any HP fans, you genuinely have everything you’ve read in the book and everything you’ve seen in the movie such as wands from well-known wizards (Harry, Ron and Hermione, Dumbledore, Draco…) posters, plush toys, keyrings, clothing, Books, games and much more. And for the sweets because I know that a lot of people who like HP usually wants to try the sweets from the movie; if I could give you ANY advice : DON’T buy the candies in the shop! If you go to Hardys (candy shop located in New row Street), you can ask for the Harry Potter pack and they hand you, for only 10 quid, a bag filled with Bertie Bortt’s every flavour beans, Sherbert lemons, a chocolate frog, licorice wands and a Basilisk candy and that’s quite interesting knowing that a simple chocolate frog costs 4 pounds anywhere…

We went to Soho and walked in the streets of Chinatown, on our way there we stopped at Soho Square and I usually don’t really like squares especially in London but this one is actually not next to crowded streets, it’s actually surrounded by little buildings and cute houses, I love that place and that’s the moment when I realised I didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately it was time so we took a train in the afternoon around 5 PM and went back home.


I kind of really want to go back there, I REALLY love England HAHA.

On our second day in London we encountered a trio playing jazz music on Oxford street ! It was amazing but I didn’t get any of their names or the name of their band to give you the link to their stuffs… I’m kinda upset about it… I would’ve like to hear more of this ! If you want to hear this and see my vlog, you can check out what I filmed in London right there :


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